8 Tips for a Good Sleep in a Tent While Camping

For campers, there is nothing worse than having everything planned out perfectly but finally getting ruined by a bad sleep in the night. If you are the guys who have met with sleeping problems while camping, let us provide you with 10 camping sleeping tips for a good night’s sleep. Next time you're sleeping in a tent, take these tips with you.

For sleeping comfortably in a tent, you should probably put these 8 tips into practice:

  1. Get the right sleeping gears
  2. Don’t forget your pillow
  3. Manage noise and light with earplugs & a eye mask
  4. Get rid of mosquitoes and bugs
  5. Choose a strategic spot for your tent
  6. Go to bed warm
  7. Don’t overdress
  8. Avoid too much liquid late in the evening

Just read on for our top tips by details.

1. Get the Right Sleeping Gears

Whether you’re camping or backpacking, just remember that the right sleeping gear kit will have a serious impact on how well you sleep is. It’s worth the investment in high-quality gears:

Sleeping bag: Invest in a quality sleeping bag to take heat from your body and hold the heat with its insulation. Pick a sleeping bag with the right shape and temperature rating to ensure you feel comfortable while in the bag, for your camping trip. 

Sleeping pad: Sleeping pads are an important gear that you can buy besides your sleeping bag.

sleeping bag ad pad gears for tent camping

2. Don’t Forget your pillow!

Pillow is an important part of your sleeping gear kit but is mostly overlooked. If you are used to sleeping with a pillow, make sure you bring a pillow for camping. Car campers would be well advised to pick their normal pillows, while for backpackers, the inflatable pillow would be better since you can easily compress it and tuck it into your backpack.

inflatable pillow for tent camping for packpacker

3. Manage noise and light with earplugs & a eye mask

No matter your reasoning, earplugs and eye masks make for great camping companions! These small, disposable gears will shut out sound and light and improve the quality of your sleep. To get rid of the noises, you can also bring a white noise machine or simply download a white noise machine app.

4. Get rid of mosquitoes and bugs

There is nothing that can ruin a night's sleep for campers faster than a mosquito buzzing around your ear at night. You must have two essential things to keep the bloodsuckers away: a secure tent, and a can of bug spray. Make sure there are no holes in your tent or the screens of your RV. To doubly protect yourself, use bug spray on your skin and/or your clothing items and gear to deter bugs from hanging around.

get rid of mosquitoes and bugs while camping

5. Choose a strategic spot for your tent

Whether you’re wild camping or at an established campsite, choosing a spot that is as level as possible, free of rocks and on soft grass, and away from the campfire, parking area, and other tents is ideal for camping.

a quiet camping site

6. Go to bed warm

Even in the summer, nighttime can get cold in the wilderness, especially at higher elevations. if you’re a cold sleeper in general or camping in cold weather, you can try these tips to help yourself stay warm before your go to bed.

Raising your core temperature before bed, for instance, you can do a few jumping jacks, drink something warm, or sit close to the fire.

Pre-warm your bag if it’s chilly outside by filling an uninsulated bottle with warm water and place it in your sleeping bag.

7. Don’t overdress

Although being warm is important, sometimes less is more. Wearing bulky clothing inside a bag can reduce the sleeping bag's ability to efficiently trap body heat. To get a good night’s rest, wear clothes that are loose, light, and breathable, and place those extra layers on top of the sleeping bag for extra insulation.

how to go to bed warm for tent camping

Don't want to get out of your warm sleeping bags in the mid of the night? Then staying hydrated will help you sleep through the night. We suggest limiting your fluids intake two hours before bed.

how to have a good night sleep for tent camping

With the right preparation for camping, I hope that you can wake up tomorrow morning with the sun, refreshed, relaxed, and energized after getting a good night in your tent!

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