why we are here

We started our journey with this question: How do we make the right gears for you and me? The only way to make the right gears for any situation and environment is to do it the hard way. With years of producing high-quality knives, we have gradually created our own brand, DispatchKnives, followed by a steady stream of fresh and innovative designs. Dispatch’s rapidly updated products are designed for all kinds of outdoor activities. Now, our brand contains more than just knives. Our company contains more than Dispatch, as well as RBLACK and the upcoming.

good design is powerful

Attractive due to its distinctive, exclusive design, our brand, RBLACK, was specially created. We hanker for leading a new knife culture with creativity. We believe that real power is black.

what we stand for

Dispatch adheres to the concept that everyone can enjoy the joys of the outdoors. Dispatch is able to stay on top of the latest fashion trends from around the globe while quickly bringing these styles to market. So whether you're searching for EDC pocket knives or grilling skewers, Dispatch is the ultimate one-stop shop for outdoor activities. It aims to promptly offer stylish, quality products at appealing prices to every user in the world. Our outlook and ambition can best be described by the Dispatch motto: “Like Dispatch. Like Never Before.”


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