6pcs Mini Folding Keychain Knife Package for Cutting Rope, Paper Boxes and Fruits 
Our unique keychain knife is designed to help you safely open packages and boxes without cutting or damaging your finger in the process. The folding knife has been designed with a key shape; and will fit seamlessly on your keychain...
Small Money Clip Pocket Knife with Botter Opener
This all-in-one pocket knife, money clip, and bottle opener make a great handy EDC knife for everyday tasks, such as box cutting and fruit peeling. The lightweight folding knife measures 3.5 inches closed with a safe structure letting you loop...
RBLACK Mini Retractable Box Cuttter Utility Knife with 5Pcs Razor Blades
The retractable box cutter is made of heavy-duty SK5 steel, that ensures smooth slicing through paper, tape, boxes, fabrics, and other obstacles. The 3" length utility knife with an ergonomic handle fits snugly in the palm of your hand. Our...

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