34Pcs Survival Gear Set with First Aid & Fishing Kit for Camping Adventure

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Survival Kits
  • This is a professional emergency survival kit designed for camping, hiking, hunting, and mountain biking adventure trips to meet any medical or emergency needs. 
  • The survival kit package contains 34 pieces of the most useful survival tools: outdoor folding knife, fire starter, compass, folding pliers, flashlight, PVC gloves, first aid mask, etc., are made of high-quality material, providing excellent safety and durability.
  • The backpack of the survival kit is with large storage, lightweight, easy to carry and store, can be conveniently placed anywhere in cars, ATVs, yachts, ships, bicycles, motorcycles, etc.

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The Outdoor Gear Kit Includes:
1*Emergency Mask
1*Emergency Rescue Blanket
1*Fire Starter
1*First Aid Instructions
1*Flint And Steel
1*Folding Knife
1*Folding Plier
1*Luminous Stick
1*Multifunctional Card
1*Multifunctional Outdoor Spoon
1*Parachute Cord
1*Pocket Bellow
1*PVC Gloves
1*Rain Coat
1*SOS Whistle
1*Survival Bracelet
1*Water Bottle Clip
1*Wire Saw
1*Fishing Kit
1*First Aid Kit
First Aid Kit Includes:
1*Art Scissors
1*Triangular Bandage
1*Cotton Swab
1*Disposable Tourniquet
2*Elastic Bandages
1*Medical Tape
2*Non-Woven PADs
1*Safety Pin
1*Surgical Forcep

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