6pcs Mini Folding Keychain Knife Package for Cutting Rope, Paper Boxes and Fruits 

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Utility Knives
  • Our unique keychain knife is designed to help you safely open packages and boxes without cutting or damaging your finger in the process.
  • The folding knife has been designed with a key shape; and will fit seamlessly on your keychain or inside your KeySmart just as any ordinary key would.
  • The small cutter knife is made of very sturdy material and is built to last! Carry it with you on your belt, in your pocket, or in your bag so you’ll always have it with you when needed.
  • Our knife keychain package includes 6 pretty colors and is nicely packed, you can make it an ideal choice for holiday gifts.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Debby Amann
      Not a good purchase.

      Too hard to pull blade out. Dull blade and can’t sharpen well

      Excellent box cutter on my Keychain

      Overall this is super handy. It's well made, small and doesn't stab my thigh while it's on my Keychain. Its profile makes it slim so it doesn't bulge in my pocket.I love it. It's thick enough to pierce tape and open finicky boxes. Very happy

      Amy Plastow
      Sharpest and smallest knife in the world

      This little knife isn't just cool, it's also very sharp. The little grapes I stabbed with it died quickly and with honor

      Sarah Motlong
      Handy quite sharp lil guy!

      My son loves this knife! He loves being able to carry it around easily. He’s always ready to lend it to whomever is opening a package! I was surprised at how sharp it actually is.

      Dean Caraway
      Badass love it

      These little guys are bad ass im going to buy acouple of everyone they are just cool as hell.

      Product Weight: 0.04 lb
      Whole Length: 4.7 Inches
      Handle Length: 2.8 Inches
      Material: Stainless Steel

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