10 Cool and Unique Pocket Knives for 2022

Sure, unique knives are not people‘s best choice. Most knives are designed for the common purpose of users, such as everyday tasks, tough outdoor use, hunting, self-dense, etc. But, there still comes a time when you just want a knife to be cool and unique. Lucky for you, that’s why we are here today. What we have found are some of the most unique pocket knives on the market today. Keep reading and pick your favorite type.

SOG Cash Card Folding Knife

The SOG Cash Card is a fun, handy little knife as well as a money clip. This unique design pocket knife features an easily concealed profile that is easily carried in any pocket. The overall design is slim and practical with a sharp 2.75” drop-point blade.

Unique SOG Cash Card Folding Knife and Money Clip

Twin Blade Batman Knife

The twin-blade pocket knife in bat shape is one of the hottest unique knives on amazon. It has a safety feature that automatically locks when you open the blade. The entire pocket knife reaches 11 inches in length when fully extended, and keeps itself low profile in 6 inches when closed.

Cool Batman Twin Blade Pocket Knife

Coin-shape Mini EDC Keychain Knife

The mini shape is also very nice. It's small enough to fit comfortably on your keychain, but it's still big enough to cut through the air and open boxes.

Coin shape Mini EDC Keychain Knife

Morphing Nano EDC Knife

The intelligent and bold design of this titanium morphing nano EDC knife creates the smallest closed knife that you can easily tote around all day. Despite its creative looks, it is a very ergonomic and usable EDC knife, providing a full four-finger grip for maximum convenience while you work.

titanium morphing nano EDC knife cool and unique knife ideas

Multi-tool Wrench Pocket Knife

Want a wrench and pocket knife at the same time? Nothing beats multifunctional tools. This is why we are bring you this unique wrench pocket knife. It has a cool unique design and is a multitool. Furthermore, It costs less than $15 online. Super cheap!

unique knife wrench

Self-Defense Nug Knife

This micro knife ring is clean, sleek, and unassuming, while also being a discreet cutting tool and a weapon.

Unique Nug Knife from JHO Knives

Zootility Compact EDC Knife

This tiny thin pocket knife features a unibody design thanks to the screw-less form factor. The knife functions as an everyday carry tool, bottle/can opener and twist tab opener come in handy. You can easily hook it onto any buckles or backpack. 

unique compact edc knife

DISPATCH Unique Opening Tactical Knife

This is a cool folding knife with one of the most unique opening systems. When closed, the knife hardly even looks like a knife. If you’ve never used one, it’d take a few moments to figure out how to use it.

DISPATCH Unique Opening Tactical Folding Knife

Boker Plus Subcom

Boker makes some simply stunning knives with completely extraordinary designs.  The Boker Plus Subcom has an intriguing design and is only 2.6 inches long when closed. While its small, stout profile might not be for everyone, it’s a good everyday carry folder that comes in handy when you need it.

Mini Boker Subcom EDC Card Pocket Knife

NOC MT Pterosaur Folding Knife

The NOC MT Pterosaur folder is a modern and high-tech design, with special attention to ergonomics.

NOC MT Pterosaur Folding Knife

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