How to Select Your First Pocket Knife for Everyday Carry?

Having a good pocket knife can be useful for multiple purposes, from everyday tasks like box cutting, carving wood, or prepping a snack to emergency applications such as outdoor survival. The following are several essential tips for purchasing your first pocket knife for your EDC, as well as highlighting our 5 favorite options of EDC pocket knives from DISPATCHKNIVES company in 2022.

the best budget friendly edc pocket knife

Purpose-Why carry a pocket knife?

When selecting their first pocket knives, many will find it difficult, to begin with so many knife options. The big and easy deciding factor is to think about how you intend to use the knife. Start by evaluating the things you do every day and what things you will use your knife for.

If just for lightweight use, such as opening envelopes or cutting a few strings, then you may just need a general EDC that does not need to be as sharp or as durable as some of the other knives. If you are looking for something to take camping, you will want a more robust folder.  

The purpose of you using the knife is going to help influence the type that you’ll want to purchase. Take a look and compare a variety of pocket knives against one another:

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What features of knife are important to your activities?

Once you have a sense of what you want and need out of your knife, it’s time to become familiar with some of the different designs and features so you can choose the perfect knife.

1. Size and Weight

Find a size and weight of EDC knife that is reasonably designed to be carried daily and go everywhere with you. For general EDC tasks, a 2.5″ – 4″ blade will be quite long enough. 

Some states and counties do have bylaws that will prohibit blades beyond a certain length or certain designs. It is important to check this out before purchasing a knife.

2.Blade Steel and Shape

The higher the price of your knife, the better the blade is likely to be. Usually, a modest blade will be good enough for typical everyday purposes. 

Besides material, the blade shape is also important to consider, and there are various blade types you may choose from. The commonly seen types include clip point, drop point, tanto, spear point, and standard. Your intended end-use should dictate the blade type and shape that you select. If you want a knife to pierce more than cut, then tanto and drop point blades are ideal. If for detailed work, clip point could be nicer. 

popular EDC pocket knife blade types

3.Knife Handle

Look for a handle that’s large enough to fit your entire palm and ergonomically shaped for a solid grip and comfort holding. 

So, if possible, we suggest you handle the knife a little before purchasing it. Plenty of materials makes good knife handles, from textured plastic, metal, wood to composite material. But by far the best option is G10, a heavily textured composite material for its lightweight and grip. You’ll find it on many pricier knives.

4.Locking System

Having a sturdy lock mechanism on your knife makes them safe to use during rigorous cutting tasks. If possible, a blocking is always recommended.  Unfortunately, a pocket knife with a lock is not allowed everywhere. Therefore, make sure to be sure to check your local knife laws about restrictions on pocket knives as that may narrow down your options. 

Know your local knife laws

Even though an EDC fits all your criteria, it is very necessary to check your local knife laws about restrictions on pocket knives. After then, you'll be able to carry your EDC without worrying about getting hassled by law enforcement. 

Price-How much should you spend on an edc knife?

Now that you’ve made your decision on the style of knife and features you want, it’s time to consider the price, which is of course, a major deciding factor in your buying your pocket knife.

If you are buying your first good EDC knife, I think you should budget between $30 to $60, which is the perfect entry-level or budget-minded range. In this range, you will get a solid knife that is quality enough, but not too high-end where you may be more apt to refrain from using it daily for various tasks. 

Price can vary widely on similar looking knives for two main reasons- the materials used including blade steel and knife handle, and brand names. 

The Best Budget EDC Knives We Recommend from DISPATCHKNIVES

Folding Pocket Knife with D Steel G Handle Ball Bearing Flipper

Ball Bearing Flipper Pocket Knife DP8076 >>

This elegant EDC knife features a clean, minimal design with a solid G10 handle that keeps overall weight down, a high quality D2 steel blade, and an integrated ball bearing system with a flipper mechanism that delivers a really quick and simple blade deployment.

mini pocket knife for everyday carry

Small Folding Knife DP8058 >>

Want something that you can carry every day no matter the outfit or event? The small pocket knife from DISPATCH KNIVES is your best choice. It delivers full-size EDC knife performance with a compact 2.75" blade length. A secure liner locks holds the blade in place during use.

Tanto Blade Folding Gentlemans Knife with D Steel

Tanto Blade Gentleman's Knife DP8075 >>

For it’s relatively low price, you just can’t beat the quality and craftsmanship of slim flipper knife. The EDC knife features reliable D2 stainless steel with hardness over 58 HRC and a textured G10 handle. The blade can effortlessly open and lock with just finger action with a flipper.

Folding Pocket Knife With Safety Liner Lock and G Handle

Affordable Folding Knife with G10 and Stainless Steel Handle DP8028 >>

This is the best knife choice for you if you are looking for an good performance EDC knife for less than $30. The frame lock knife has a combined G10 and steel handle that’s a bit more unique and more grippy in all conditions. It still has other amazing features we loved about, like a drop point blade, frame lock, flipper deployment, and tip-down pocket clip.

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